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  1. Which scenario gives you the best chance of survival?
  2. 25.3% have gotten this question correct
    •  Flip 5 tails in a row or get your head cut off
    •  Roll snake eyes or eat cyanide for dinner
    •  Roll a 7 twice in a row or be drawn and quartered
    •  Get dealt 2 aces (standard 52 card deck; 2 cards dealt) or jump from the top of the Empire State Building
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Ignore the methods of death. It is assumed that all will kill you. Don't believe me? Here are some facts on these methods of death.

So, this comes down to probability. The probability of the scenarios above are as follows:
  • Flip 5 tails in a row: You have a 1 in 2 chance each flip. 1/25 = 1/32
  • Roll snake eyes: you have a one in 6 chance on each die. 1/62 = 1/36
  • Roll a 7 twice in a row: 1/62 = 1/36
  • Get dealt 2 aces: There are 4 aces out of 52 cards to start so the chance of the first card being an ace is 4/52 and the chance the second card will be an ace is 3/51 since we have dealt one card and we're assuming it was the ace. So total odds are 4/52 * 3/51 = 1/220
The answer is flip 5 tails in a row with a chance of survival at 1 out of 32 times. Better hope you don't find yourself in this predicament.

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